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UA HealthBox™

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Product DNA

  • Band - Your UA Band measures sleep, resting heart rate, steps & even workout intensity when worn with UA Heart Rate. Wear it ALL THE TIME.
  • Scale - Track your body weight, body fat percentage & progress towards your weight goal. Step on it EVERYDAY.
  • Heart Rate - Train as smart as possible by wearing the chest strap while you work out to track your heart rate. See it in real-time when you wear with UA Band.
  • Get a FREE 1-year membership to MyFitnessPal Premium & MapMyFitness MVP with your purchase of UA HealthBox™.

Track steps & progress towards your daily step goal. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Measure your sleep duration & quality. Set band to vibrate to wake you up or for an important date.

Track your weight in metric or imperial, body fat percentage & progress over time. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Create your own profile to store information, progress & goals. No need to adjust any settings. The scale pulls up your profile based on weight.

Removable sensor provides most accurate heart rate reading. Wear with UA Band to see in real time. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Blue light indicates when UA Heart Rate monitor is on & working. Snug, comfortable grip that won’t slip.


UA Record™ collects your data and provides a 24/7 view of your progress. Set goals, capture sleep, log workouts, measure activity, track nutrition, and connect with friends and athletes.

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Needs to be more compatible.

Overall, the product is wonderful! High marks all around! However, I own and love my Microsoft phone. Luckily I have an old Android phone laying around so I use it to synch everything to UA Record. Problem is, I can't save my activities unless I'm home or in a good Wi-Fi spot. If you had more compatibility, with Windows I could fully use it where ever. Please look into developing a Record app for Windows phones or compatibility for an already existing Microsoft app.. Thanks.

HR strap only

I have never had a heart rate strap that I liked, much less that I forgot was still on. It is super comfortable and very accurate. I love everything UA.

Great Idea Poor Execution

I was so excited to get this as a bday gift and then I it came in. The heart rate doesn't always read. The band doesn't read all the time and doesn't make it a full day on a charge. Really disappointing.

Amazing product !!

I never believe in videos that promote products, they are good made and they sell things through your eyes, UNTIL I buy this healthbox system, I never imagine the change in my life and in my body, I started with 278 pounds when I received the healthbox and two Months and a half later I am at 228 pounds, just following the guide of my apps to eat and to do my exercises, many thanks from my heart ... I am a new human being, I can do things that I could not before, I buy clothes in any Store that I want, I have no words to thank Under Armor Team !!!!

Easy to use

Good product. Bracelet has decent battery life (2 days) and tracks workouts and has an alarm clock that vibrates to wake me up. Durability of the band is not great, broke within 1 year but UA said they will replace with new. Really hard to remove battery from heart rate monitor.

Excellent First Effort

UA Record makes this. But - UA needs to make an effort to combine all apps. Its too messy as it is with lots of apps everywhere. Scale needs to be be better - see Garmin UA Band needs to be improved on the next generation HRM is good. Overall - with UA Record s excellent.


I was really excited to get the Health box. I thought it would be good to have everything sync up. Not sure why but that never worked for me. The only thing UA Record will sync with is MyFitnessPal. Neither the heart rate band nor the UA band will Sync with MapMyRun. The Heart Rate band didn't even work. So if you want to do a run, you either have to use the UA Band (which is horrible for running, I walked a mile and it logged .44) or us MapMyRun. Then on to the scale. I got on three different times back to back and the weight went down over 4 pounds. Then my Body Fat came up at 27% but the next morning I was 19%. Sadly very disappointing as I was very excited to not only get the health box but the Gemini Record shoes. I will be taking everything back this weekend.

Best package

So far im happy with my healthbox. Easy to set up no instructions needed straight forward.

Great Product

Health box was easy to setup. Everything connected first try. UA Band, Heart Rate Monitor and Scales all connected quickly and easily. Have no issues syncing with each other. Weight and workouts are tracked and sync easily and quickly. During gym sessions, I use the band and heart rate monitor together, connection is easy and simple, works every time and later syncs to the UA record app and shows everything I need to know about my workout. Used with MyFitnessPal to track eating habits, syncs with UA record giving complete overview of daily workout trends + eating + sleeping habits. Would recommend to anyone looking to assist with losing weight or get better performance from workouts.

Will a waterproof version be created?

I was totally sold on this set-up, until I read that the wrist band and heart rate monitor are only splash and sweat proof. One of my best and favorite ways of exercising/working out is by swimming, in a pool, the lake, or the ocean (and SCUBA diving, too). It would be HUGELY beneficial if this set-up was waterproof (even if not at pressure while diving), since aquatic exercise is amazingly efficient at resistance training, too! The instructions say to "Wear it all the time." but you can't wear it in the shower, either (which can also provide detailed cardiac feedback)!