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UA HealthBox™

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  • Band - Your UA Band measures sleep, resting heart rate, steps & even workout intensity when worn with UA Heart Rate. Wear it ALL THE TIME.
  • Scale - Track your body weight, body fat percentage & progress towards your weight goal. Step on it EVERYDAY.
  • Heart Rate - Train as smart as possible by wearing the chest strap while you work out to track your heart rate. See it in real-time when you wear with UA Band.
  • Get a FREE 1-year membership to MyFitnessPal Premium & MapMyFitness MVP with your purchase of UA HealthBox™.
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Track steps & progress towards your daily step goal. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Measure your sleep duration & quality. Set band to vibrate to wake you up or for an important date.

Track your weight in metric or imperial, body fat percentage & progress over time. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Create your own profile to store information, progress & goals. No need to adjust any settings. The scale pulls up your profile based on weight.

Removable sensor provides most accurate heart rate reading. Wear with UA Band to see in real time. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Blue light indicates when UA Heart Rate monitor is on & working. Snug, comfortable grip that won’t slip.


UA Record™ collects your data and provides a 24/7 view of your progress. Set goals, capture sleep, log workouts, measure activity, track nutrition, and connect with friends and athletes.

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Great overall

After a month of the living the UA health box I'm ready to review it .The UA health box is overall great at everything it is suppose to do. First the UA band works great with intense workouts. Also the battery is pretty good lasting me up to 3-5 days depending how much I workout which is usually 1 to 2 times a day. Now on to the heart rate sensor. The heart rate sensor is pretty comfortable and is very accurate. Also works great with the UA band. Then the scale which is a key part for me because I'm trying to gain weight without gaining some fat which to many is challenging. Overall it does exactly what it says does and it does very well.The main thing that I liked about the UA health box is how it all works together without you having to put any of the effort to track your weight ,sleep and workout .The only downside is the price but I am very invested in fitness so for the price I get my money's worth and more.

Waste of money

I hate everything about this. The scale is inaccurate (by a few pounds!). The heart rate strap and app didn't work together right. The band is difficult to use and basically just a step counter and watch.

Great Product!

Under Armour system it has helped me maintain stimulation and control of my goals based on health. Already I have lost 40 pounds! My only complaint is that the bracelet can not be synchronized with two devices at once.

Charging Cable

You need to make the charger cable for the wristband longer. I have problems keeping it connected to charge as it keeps slipping. It's very frustrating. I have to elevate the wristband at all sorts of angles to try to keep the charging connection.


I love it , gives me so much information. Had trouble syncing the heart rate monitor, but Under Armour support helped me with that issue, nothing but great things to say.

Potential! Needs some tweaks

- - I have a physicians scale to compare the weight readings with; it is consistently 1 1/2 lbs higher but it is very consistent in that difference; - - the calories burned feature is not accurate; for bike riding it can be off by twice; additionally, the step feature is inaccurate when riding a bike; - - the dashboard feature allows you to go back to "yesterday" and make adjustments; the "How do you feel" feature does not; I have found this feature not useful because I want to record it at the end of the day and if I forget, I cannot go back and edit it; - - same with nutrition; you should be able to go back record your actual accurately;

Band strap snaps off on day 1!

Right out of the box the strap for the band will not stay clipped in. If you try to pull it straight out it will stay put however as soon as you place any angle on the strap it snaps off and falls out. Will not stay on my hand while excersising more then a few minutes at a time. Maybe mine is bad out of the box however it sure seems like a design flaw to me. I saw several reviews with the same compliant after little use. Mine is going back to the store tomorrow unless UA responds with a solution.

Product unreliable

Had for a few months is all. Replaced band already.... and now the heart rate monitor is not working. The scale is completely not accurate. Shows different weights by over one pound every time you get on it, even if you do it several times right in a row. The concept is great. The features are great. Has a long ways to go to be reliable even moderatley. Would not recommend at this time.

Does not work

I would like to apologize in advance for my non-English, im not a native speaker. I was thinking about purchasing Healthbox for quite a while and was extremely excited. When it finally arrived i unpacked it immediately eager to try my new system. I also had my friend over, we're both into fitness and i wanted to show off my new toys. It took forever to sync all three devices to my phone although they would not stay connected. And they dont work together "as a complete system." I stepped on the scale three times in the row and it gave me three different measurements and the difference was +/- 1pound. I also have carpet all over my apartment so only places i could use the scale  were my bathroom and my kitchen. My weight everywhere else was aroung 25 pounds lol. I had to synchronize my weight manualy and the app asks to step on the scale every time you want to do it.. Then my friend stepped on the scale and it promted him to download the app and create an account. After doing so he couldn't connect the scale to his phone so i had to go to my phone settings to unpair the device, then he paired his device, then he stepped on the scale and manually synced. And then he went home and now there's no way to connect my scale to my phone because it still paired to his. (We both have galaxy 6) I guess the idea was that the only one person allowed use the scale since the app only created for personal devices and you cant share it with family and friends. Although it did recognized my friend as a separate person but after i stepped on the scale again it detected me as a new one. Being unable to use the scale anymore i switched to testing the arm band. By that time it unsyncronized with my phone as well and "hold the home button" didn't work, no blue light. Had to go to the band settings and "forget the device" and do it all over again. The band doesnt recognize workouts at all.. you have to initiate them manually on the band or app. Although the app option doesn't work. I couldnt figure out how to change timer value on my band or thru the app. And after that i moved to heart rate band. Of course it was already unsynced. It works only if you initiate a workout. My normal (resting) heart rate is around 95. Needless to say the light on the band stayed red the whole time, the screen was off, so i could not see my workout zone, it wouldt show heart rate in the app. The app also said " connect you hr strap to your phone to adjust the settings" although there are no any settings.. It doesnt measure hr continiously it only takes single stats when you request it from the wrist band. I also measured my hr and it showed 70bpm, my Galaxy showed 90 bpm and manual test showed 90 bpm.. The hr band completely useless. My 45 minute workout during which i did like 20 pushups burnt 408 calories according to the info that i got from the app. Its waaay off. Food tracking in the app forces you to use an external app.. I haven't tested my sleep yet and probably i won't. For 400 dollars i expected a top line product but all i got is a 5 dollar pedometer and a 10 dollar scale. Btw my phone tracks my steps and recognizes my workouts, i can also take single hr, stress and SpO2 measurements. I also have owned a jawbone wrist band that recognized my workouts automatically, tracked my sleep, calories, food, synced with my phone and woke me up during light sleep and cost only 65 dollars! I gave it as a gift to my sister. Now i want it back.. I would not recommend this produst unless you want to spend you money on jewelry/interior decor object because the only thing these devices do well - they do look good.

Great concept - Somewhat premature

I felt like a kid at Christmas, I couldn't wait to get to the gym and try out my new toys; only to be left feeling disappointed with the overall user experience. Band - When worn it rests on the head of the ulna (boney protrusion on the outside of the wrist) . In my experience it caused my wrist to become irritated and it felt uncomfortable rubbing against the outside of my wrist. User MUST initiate an exercise routine via the band in order to have the band and chest strap to work. Exercise types are limited on the band. Chest strap - Fit is as to be expected with any chest strap. Will only work in tandem with the UA band. Scale - Weight was on point. Body fat % fluctuates pretty dramatically -/+5 points. The scale uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to calculate BF%. Its an inaccurate measure of BF% and its results can be skewed by several factors including: recent food consumption, dehydration and exercising prior to measurements. UA App and Lack of Health Box Integration - User friendly - not so much. Cannot initiate an exercise routine from the app and have the system work. The app has more types of exercise types to log rather than initiate. What is the point of logging an exercise if you I can't get my biofeedback from my exercise. You have so much potential!!! Just not there yet. I have returned my product.