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UA HealthBox™

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  • Band - Your UA Band measures sleep, resting heart rate, steps & even workout intensity when worn with UA Heart Rate. Wear it ALL THE TIME.
  • Scale - Track your body weight, body fat percentage & progress towards your weight goal. Step on it EVERYDAY.
  • Heart Rate - Train as smart as possible by wearing the chest strap while you work out to track your heart rate. See it in real-time when you wear with UA Band.
  • Get a FREE 1-year membership to MyFitnessPal Premium & MapMyFitness MVP with your purchase of UA HealthBox™.
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Track steps & progress towards your daily step goal. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Measure your sleep duration & quality. Set band to vibrate to wake you up or for an important date.

Track your weight in metric or imperial, body fat percentage & progress over time. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Create your own profile to store information, progress & goals. No need to adjust any settings. The scale pulls up your profile based on weight.

Removable sensor provides most accurate heart rate reading. Wear with UA Band to see in real time. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Blue light indicates when UA Heart Rate monitor is on & working. Snug, comfortable grip that won’t slip.


UA Record™ collects your data and provides a 24/7 view of your progress. Set goals, capture sleep, log workouts, measure activity, track nutrition, and connect with friends and athletes.

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like it

Easy to sync, easy to use, all in one. This health box works well with myfitnesspal. Customer service is quick and responsive. No questions asked.

Not worth the $$$

I was really excited about this product, but I should have read the reviews. I don't even know if Heart Rate Monitor strap works, it doesn't display anywhere - phone or band. The scale is great but just won't sync with Record. I've tried forgetting itmultiple times with no luck. Just keep getting a Wifi error. The band is no better than my Apple Watch. I should hve just bought the scale, so far it seems accurate. The HealthBox just does not integrate with each item like it says.

Glad I bought the UA HealthBox

I read a lot of the reviews and had mixed feelings about buying the HealthBox. All I have to say is that it all works great so far. The band is very comfortable and easy to use, the heart rate strap is very comfortable and syncs with my iPhone and band no problem. I was worried about the scale, but I put it on a level surface and slightly step on it to turn it on and have it calibrate to 0 every morning. My weigh ins are pretty stable and within 1 pound of my doctors scale and i get consistent body fat readings - not sure if they are super accurate but consistent enough for me to track. The heart rate on my band was pretty good and matched the machines at my gym, but with the strap it is much better. I would have given it a max performance but there are a couple of quirks with the UA Record app that need to be fixed. You need to be able to switch workout modes without having to complete one workout and start another. I lift weights and then do cardio. It would also be helpful if you could page through multiple workouts in one day, all you can see is the last one. Overall - a good buy, a little pricey, but worth it.

Just not there...had potential

I have had many fitness bands. This one is just average. It fails to stayed synched but is tolerable. The scale is, well a scale, nothing special there and also has synch issues. The heart rate band is just a joke. It has never stayed synched and it also turns off randomly. I guess that could be the battery, but hey, it is new, so why should that be an issue. Overall I am very disappointed in the package. It is way undependable and just adds complication and unnecessary hassle to my workout...not what I had expected obviously, especially for the price.

Performance with data

I bought this for my family after seeing it at CES 2016. Great kit. I like the relationship with IBM. It would be even better if the cohort size were smaller to provide more individualized recommendations. Heart rate monitor is comfortable, accurate and easy to use. Scale is elegant and consistent with my Withings. Connecting the charging cable for the wrist band is tricky.


If you are looking for a toolkit that helps map out multiple fitness aspects in your life this is for you. The UA Record is absolutely outstanding and captures the information you need if you are really interested in taking your fitness to the next level. The sleep analysis captured by the band and later synced and analyzed by RECORD is amazing. All pieces together really help complete the picture and help you look at your fitness levels/goals through a completely new lens. Nice job!

Really not useful in Gym/Physically active enviroenments

While the matt finish looks good on the UA band, it is too sensitive and it gets big scratches very easily. I would not recommend this to anyone who want to use it while they are in the gym or play sports.

Great harmony

The system works well and does a good job of tracking fitness essentials. My only complaint about the health box is the body fat measurements are off, and because I have small wrists the band doesn't fit like it should. The small strap is too short while the large strap is too long. Overall the system as a whole is wonderful. It performs as expected and tracks my information well. Pleased with the health box as a whole. It would be perfect with minor adjustments. The software is the coolest I've seen and syncs well with my phone.

Stock up on batteries for the scale

The 4-AA batteries last all of 1 week. I only weigh myself 3 times a week. I even reset it without Wi-Fi to sync to my phone.

Not ready for prime time yet, but getting close

The scales are not accurate and provide no way to actually calibrate. They are self-calibrating which pretty much describes the problem. All scales, highly precise scales through cheap kitchen scales give you the ability to calibrate. UA does not so my scales are consistently off 2-4 pounds for me at 200 pounds or my wife at 100 pounds. In health and fitness weight accuracy is critical; from making weight for a competition to the struggle to measure weight loss progress accuracy is what matters. On the positive side, the WIFI connection to the scales has been rock solid - this is a major achievement for a battery powered device. The wristband sometimes syncs and sometimes does not sync. The sleep monitoring is very accurate. The icons and controls are very easy to understand and use. The heart rate monitor is better at syncing and is accurate. For Healthbox to be anything other than a box with three different products inside, Healthbox (and Record) has options to integrate with other UA apps like MyFitnessPal. The syncing between Record, the other apps, and the healthbox devices still needs work. Too often you must close out of then restart apps to get the sync to work. Per UA support, which is pretty good by the way, I even had to uninstall and reinstall an app to get sync to start working again. If you are an early adopter of technology and do not mind closing and restarting apps to get data to sync between Healthbox required apps, then you will only be mildly frustrated. If you just want something to work, then wait for a while Overall UA is getting really close to a great set of products; but, the scales are the centerpiece of the Healthbox. Until an accuracy solution is provided and the app sync issues are fixed I cannot recommend Healthbox to people beyond early adopters. I think UA will eventually dominate this space, and I am an early adopter, so I will keep trying to make this my fitness ecosystem. No one else is anywhere near this level of integration.