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UA Band

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  • Your UA Band measures sleep, resting heart rate, steps & even workout intensity when worn with UA Heart Rate. Wear it ALL THE TIME.
  • Features a display that can stay on during workouts, no need to push buttons
  • Water-resistant so you can wear 24/7. UA Band can be worn when showering, but should not be submerged under water
  • Bluetooth Smart compatible & connects with UA Record
  • Steps & workout data syncs with MapMyFitness & MyFitnessPal
  • Get a FREE 3-month membership to MyFitnessPal & MapMyFitness Premium with your purchase of UA Band
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Track steps & progress towards your daily step goal. Automatically syncs with UA Record™ for real-time data.
Measure your sleep duration & quality. Set band to vibrate to wake you up or for an important date.

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Love the functionality but poor design renders it useless

I bought my band about 8 months ago. Immediately the poor latch design meant it kept falling off my wrist - I almost lost it many times. It is also very hard to read in the sun which is difficult as I exercise outside mostly. but it was comfortable to wear so I persevered. however - at the 6 months mark the screen faded, only showing half the screen. for example, I can't see the walking or running functions under fitness, can't see the clock . Then, the band broke completely. I can't order a replacement and cannot repair it. Even if i superglued it back together, the other failures mean it is useless Really upset to have purchased this and only have it work for under a year. Really poor design and since everyone here is saying the same thing, I really think Under Armour should replace them - they are faulty products Love Under Armour as a brand but this product is faulty

Clasp and Band are Poor Quality

I have had the product for under 6 months and am having troubles with the clasp staying closed. Along with that, the band actually wore away and tore off of the clasp. I have done nothing to it but typical wear and tear of fitness training. I was shooting a basketball around by myself and on the way up for a shot, the band ripped off of my wrist. I am unable to fix it. I have also had problems with the touch screen working during workouts. I have been unable to stop tracking a workout until hours after I have finished. All-in-all, I have been very disappointed with this product.

Poor built. Sorry, normally an Under Armour fan but this is not Brand Quality.

Normally I give high praises for UA products on my Facebook page or other venues, but this one. I needed to come here and indicate that I was really satisfied with the band. Within less than a year the band's lights are already out, I can only see the time but not the notification on the left or the or "arrow/play/pause" on the right hand side as they have completely phased out in the past three months. Heart rate is not that great, I went from 170 bpm to 30 bpm in less than a minute while sitting down and not having done anything. So sensor is also going unless I just had a heart attack and never even felt it. The sleep monitor also is going nuts lately. Also, the image of the product on the site are a bit deceptive. While the luminosity of the watch is good inside, it's never been as clear has they show you if you are outside. It's hard to read if the sun is out because of the "rubbery" protective surface they have on. The only true positives are that if this was high quality, then the watch is a comfortable thing to have on even when sleeping, and that it clips on rather easily. Sorry UA, for once I would not recommend the product.

Great product as far as fitness goes, notifications lag severely

Great product as far as fitness goes, notifications lag severely

Absolutely Love It, but.....

I've had the Band for 8 months now & I love the band, comfortable, have no issue while sleeping & don't notice I'm wearing it most of the time. I wear it always except for in the shower & obviously when swimming. Recently though (the last month) there has been a couple of issues, since the last update I no longer get notifications on my band & the detachable band is starting to wear. I've attached a photo to show what I mean, If it was possible to buy replacement bands that would be great. I look forward to some feedback.

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Great product, one flaw however...

First let me say I love my Band, I wear it every day, only removing it to charge and avoid submerging it in water (shower/do the dishes/swim). I've been using a Band for a little over a year now - and my current one is the second different one I've had. My first one was replaced about 6-7 months ago because the red interior cracked and started falling apart, and this morning I noticed that the same thing is now happening with this one. I would gladly give this product 5/5 if it had a higher quality/ more durable band interior.

Very satisfied with features including appearance. Water resistance !!!

Very happy about the product features . it'has water resistance feature and only taking off for charging .

amazing product

works really well, tracks my sleep, activity and heart rate fairly accurately. when i play sports i don't wear the band, but the under armour record app makes it easy to log my practices. it does come off rather easy and can be uncomfortable when bending the wrist. i haven't worn in the shower or near any water but it withstands splashes of water.

Replacement Band

I have had my band for about 6 months now and the eyelet got caught on the edge of the table the other night and broke. The other band (small) that came with the fitness band is just too small for my wrist. Just wondering if someone has found where to get these bands or someone from the makers can tell me. I love the band and all the things it can do and would give it a 5 out of 5 but if you can't buy replacement parts it would have to be 3 out of 5. Customer service is everything.

Some thing about the band

I am a UA fans form Taiwan, about six month ago, I bought my UA BAND, In the first time when I use it, It was fun and helpful, The UA BAND can show up my LINE message Twitter message Facebook message Telephone calls..... But some day after upgrade, Those message never show up, Only the SMS and telephone calls can show up, After hunder times setting change, I give up. And this is not the end yet. When I use this BAND form the start, The battery never get trough more then 5 days. I have to charge in 3 or 3.5 days. In this month. It become worst. I have to charge it everyday... This product is not cheap. But it's can't not survive over then six month,I feel so disappointed.