Men's UA Tech™ 2.0 Short Sleeve

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Height: Size: Fit: Loose
Men's UA Tech™ 2.0 Short Sleeve

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Product DNA

UA Tech™ is our original go-to training gear: loose, light, and it keeps you cool. It's that same great fabric, but this shirt has also been updated with a new, more streamlined fit and a shaped hem. It's everything you need.
  • Loose: Fuller cut for complete comfort
  • UA Tech™ fabric is quick-drying, ultra-soft & has a more natural feel
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes
  • New, streamlined fit & shaped hem
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

Review Summary

15 Reviews

My favourite shirt

This is my favourite workout shirt, so I ordered 4 online. They arrived with 3 different Fits, different material feel and made in 2 different countries.

Long Shirt

I've bought many of this style of t-shirt in the past. For some reason, they now make them extremely long. Most of my newer Under Armour tops--hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts--are all extremely long now. Would be great if they'd stop messing with something that's already great.

FIT ADVICE: Read This!!

Okay I have been a long UA happy customer. I have gone through various fits and models of shirts as I have been on my fitness journey. Recently it seems that UA has adjusted their fits across the board in terms of their tops. I am posting this review to help others understand the “loose” fit of the Tech 2.0 shirt and how it compares to other UA “Loose” and “Fitted” shirts. Hopefully it will help others out! First, my go-to workout shirt used to be the standard UA Raid shirt. It was a fitted training shirt with mesh in the back. I LOVED the shirt and I still have three of them (they smell) despite the fact that they have long ago been discontinued. It fit me perfectly. I am 6’1, 225 and pretty muscular. Not totally shredded, but definitely have a more athletic build. XL Fitted was my go-to size in anything UA. By contrast, the old UA Tech shirts were wayyyyyy too baggy on me. XL Loose just swallowed me and made me look terrible. So I’ve been looking for a replacement for my old smelly UA Raid shirts. I bought other newer Fitted shirts (MK-1, HexDelta, Swyft, Streaker) and they ALL are wayyyyy smaller than any of the XL Fitted shirts used to be. They are more like the old compression fit. You would have to size up to come anywhere close to the old Fitted fit. So I thought I would have to jump brands but then I noticed that on the Tech 2.0 shirt, they have noted that the “Loose” fit is now more “streamlined.” So I went to the store and tried them on since I have been frustrated with the UA fit issues. Well, this version fits amazingly like the old “Fitted” fit. It is a little baggier than I was used to but it was not too baggy, nor did it swallow me and give me a Dad-bod. For my specific body, this updated, streamlined “Loose” Tech 2.0 shirt is the answer to the much tighter “Fitted” shirts that have gotten too small for me. So, if you liked the old “Loose” fit of the previous Tech shirt, this new streamlined fit may not be good for you. You may want to find another model that has not been streamlined. Likewise, if “Fitted” shirts have gotten too tight for you, this may be a good option/alternative. I am not sure if perhaps UA is sizing down their fits/sizes across the board, but it does seem that they have adjusted fits on multiple models. My advice would be to perhaps try things that you haven’t in the past and see how the updated fits work for you now. I know this was long but I have really been struggling with the updated fit issue, and from reading other reviews I think this is pretty common. I think perhaps a little more clarification on the specific fit changes from UA (like they did for this shirt) would be beneficial for everyone, especially those who have been long time customers.

Very Uncomfortable

These shirts are very tight in the arm & armpit region causing discomfort. Just way to tight in the upper chest area for a loose fitted shirt

Used To Be Great!!!

I am a bit disappointing in the inconsistency and sizing issues with UA over the last couple of years. I used to love these shirts for working out and am currently torn by their lack of comfort and sizing issues. When something is not broken, do not try to fix it.

perfect fit and performance.

perfect fit and performance. Purchased from outlet store. Probably would not have paid full price for a tee shirt.

I’m at a loss

I don’t know where to begin, other than expressing confusion and disappointment. I’ve been wearing under armour since high school, and I haven’t strayed away for my workout attire. Over the last couple years the inconsistency in sizing, and cuts, for the same product is maddening. The Tech Tee that I bought last year was a XL Tall, and fit perfect. I purchased 5 new ones, of this current version, and they all wear like a sleeping shirt. The length is dramatically longer, the neck is MUCH bigger, and the shirt is overall looser. 4 of the 5 shirts fit that way, and 1 of them fit like my old shirts. I’d understand the change in cut, if it was consistent over sizing; but the fact that one of the shirts is cut differently makes me concerned with ordering replacements. Also, what do I order as a replacement? XL normal length? L Tall? Too many companies have XL shirts that seem to be made for people with no torso, but a belly. This is no different than your cotton shirts. Pick a cut, and stick with it; or show a cut comparison from the old product to the new one.


Come on UA, you had the perfect shirt with the original tech. Why would you guys go and do this? First off, the material. It's thinner than the original tech t's. I can see my tattoos through lighter colored shirts, and when I get into sunlight, my nipples are solidly visible. Ain't nobody want to see that! It always leads to awkward stares and then I have to explain the bicycle/nipple accident of 1996. Then the fit. I am by no means fat. I'm 5'9 and 180lbs of mostly muscle. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, run everyday, and eat clean. But somehow these shirts make me look like a middle aged guy with a dad bod who gave up, bought a minivan, and carries a pained, almost dead look in his eyes while remembering his youth while stuffing himself into a tshirt that fits like a sausage casing and heading out to mow the lawn. The fit in the mid section is weird. The old techs were great. They were loose and comfy. They draped nicely down from the pecs. They didn't scream, "look at my finely chiseled body mortals!". They were just an awesome t-shirt. These look like someone bought a normal t-shirt one size too small. Sizing up doesn't work because then the shoulder proportions are out, and with the extra length it looks like I should be sagging my pants and wearing a slightly crooked flat brimmed hat and white framed sunglasses I got free in a case of energy drinks. Can we talk about the fabric again? I'm pretty sure if it got any thinner, it would be classified as mesh. Whomever is working there and thought messing with the original tech (one of the staples of your brand) would be a good idea should be walked out of the building into traffic.


Right to size, very light and very good quality, exactly what I was looking for Thanks

They run a full size smaller than the ones I bought in 2017!

These are or used to be my go to shirts, but as of 12/1.2018, the 2XL runs a FULL size, at least, smaller than when I bought 5 of them in 2017. What is with that? I just bought 10 shirts and none of them fit. What gives? Sucky really. Otherwise they are nice.