Men's Athlete Recovery Ultra Comfort Sleepwear Henley Top

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Height: Size: Fit: Fitted
Mens Athlete Recovery Ultra Comfort Sleepwear Henley Top
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Height: Size: Fit: Fitted
Men's Athlete Recovery Ultra Comfort Sleepwear Henley Top

Product DNA

  • Fitted: Next-to-skin without the squeeze
  • The print technology on the inside reflects Far Infrared, which helps your body recover faster & promotes better sleep
  • Insanely soft modal fabric for complete comfort
  • 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Not intended for use as a medical device
  • 91%Modal/9% Elastane
  • Imported


Sleep eight hours, feels like ten. Athlete Recovery Sleepwear™ helps you
recover faster, get more zzz's, and wake up ready to do it all again.

The pattern inside unlocks your natural
Amp up localized blood flow to restore
muscle faster.
The faster your muscles are restored, the
faster you can get back to work.

Review Summary

26 Reviews

Awesome for sweaty sleepers

This was my first recovery shirt. I’m the type that wakes up covered in sweat and frequently have a harder time falling asleep at night. I think it helps me fall asleep and wake up easier, feeling better. 98% less sweat on my bed is enough for me to justify the cost. I do not care for the sleeves on this one they feel like bell bottoms for my forearms. I would much rather full length sleeves but they don’t seem to have them. Will be trying the short sleeve next. Industrial athlete

Definitely works and does very well done.

First time putting it on right out of the box I could already feel it working and doing it's job. First night I slept with the pants and marching shirt I honestly never felt any better I felt really recovered and energized the next day I slept all through the night. I will Definitely be buying more sets of the athlete recovery pants and shirts again highly recommended to improve your sleep and is really comfortable.

Comfortable, helps me sleep better, and Expensive.

I bought my first shirt right before I had rotator cuff surgery in Fall 2017. Did it help me heal faster? The doc said that the incision points healed very well. Under the skin?, I don't know. Did it help me sleep better though? Yes. Does it help me sleep better after weight training and shoulder therapy? Yes. So much so that I made sure to get another one so that I now own two, the gray heather and the water heather (light blue). They are expensive, so I did buy the second shirt on-sale around Christmas. My wife preferred the look of the light blue shirt. I normally don't wear "Fitted", as it is too tight for my arms, chest, and torso. These fit great. The material is very soft, and breathable, however I do notice that in bed after a few hours under the covers, that it is slightly warmer than a comparable UA Tech long-sleeve shirt, equivalent to sleeping in my UA Tech waffle LS shirt. That being said, even though I sleep really hot, I try to wear them as my sleep top as much as my laundry time allows. A note: As I stated, I sleep hot, so when I was sick this winter, and sweating buckets with fever, both the heather gray and the heather blue really showed the sweat and needed to be laundered more frequently. A previous reviewer said the 3/4 length sleeves would bunch up on him. After a refreshing night of disk decompressing sleep, I am all of 5'8, so this isn't that much of a problem for me. If I were really tall, or a combination of tall and beefy, I could see how it could be a problem. I would love if UA was able to incorporate this technology into a Coolswitch shirt!

Refreshing rest and sleep from this!

At first, I had thought this shirt would be a placebo. Throughout the week, I was sleeping in it to see how big of a difference it made. A quick 20 minute nap felt refreshing compared to normally waking up groggy and hitting the snooze button. My daily nights of sleeping have improved from being unwilling to wake up to being fairly alert without having to rub my eyes. The fitting was very comfortable. Not too tight but fitted. I'm considering getting a second set to rotate.

Not worth the money

I received these as a gift about a month ago and I'm not feeling any difference in sleep or recovery, although the material is very comfortable you can find comfortable pajamas for much less. I am a triathlete and train 5 days a week swimming, running, and biking. I feel I get better recovery using recovery compression pants for a few hours after workouts. If these were half the price it would be worth the investment just from Comfort but not from what they "claim" will help recover. Save your money for now......unless he starts personally autographing them before they ship to you. ;-)

Best investment ever.

I had to buy these, as someone I know compared them to paying for a cycle of gear... The recovery(sever loss of heat) and reduction to swelling is amazing. I liked it SO much, I bought a 2nd set for when the first is in the laundry. 1 night of 5 hours, (I passed out earlier due to calorie deficit) and my back pain was GONE. Torn middle back, and pinched nerve in lower back, both earlier this year, 3ish months apart. Physio, and even the med-ball bigger than a lacrosse ball could not fix. Before buying ;jumping in feet first one might add... Certified PT and Nutritionist. I have done tons of testing to my body with products, and exercise over a 10+ year journey. That being said, I did my research, and it 100% backed up what this product delivers. The size is about a loose fit Large, in this brand. It says fitted, but I have lost a lot of weight and still wear a large comfortably when I would have needed a medium for it to fit fitted. (previously XXL size wearing dude) PS. I was not paid in any way, shape or form, for this review. :)

I'm a Believer

When I first read about "Far Infrared" (Long-Wave IR) sleepwear for tissue recovery, I was sure it was just another idea that the Marketing People™ thought up. But UA is smart, and linked to an NIH article on the subject. So, okay, "NIH" -- now I'm less skeptical. I did some more searching, and, sure enough, there's some actual test data behind this stuff. So I bought the pants. I don't get to exercise consistently, so I'm always sore the next day after any serious exercise. But when wearing the sleepwear pants, the next-day soreness is almost completely diminished! I was *very* surprised by the difference -- surprised enough that I eventually purchased the shirt, too. And a second pair of pants, so I'm not without them while the first pair is in the laundry. I am a believer, and now swear by this stuff. For sizing: I am 5'10", 160lbs, 33-34" inseam, 32-33" waist. I purchased the long pants (both pair) in Medium, and they fit great. I purchased the 3/4-sleeve shirt in Medium, and it, too, fits great.

Decent product...a few things to know...

The first night I wore these pajamas there was a noticeable difference in sleep quality for me. After night one, I really didn't notice a lot of difference in how rested I felt the next day. Initially I was going to get the large size shirt but opted for the XL and was glad I did - it was a better option for me even though a lot of shirts I wear are large size. By the way, the tags that are attached to the sleepwear say to tear them off. I did and it tore a big hole in the sleepwear. CUT OFF THE TAGS. Don't tear them off. The material is surprisingly fragile. One more thing about the shirt: I bought the 3/4 sleeve Henley and don't like the fact that it slides up my arms and wakes me up - I believe a long sleeve shirt would be much more comfortable. I'm hoping Under Armour makes the shirt in long sleeve. Interestingly, in the picture of the sleepwear pants you can see a full-length sleeve on the shirt which I am assuming is also recovery sleepwear - perhaps a long sleeve shirt is in development but not yet for sale. If I were you, I'd wait for the long sleeve shirt to come out. Some thoughts about the pants: I had an injury a few months back as well as surgery and put on a few pounds. I'm in between the large and extra large size. The large waist band on the pants folds down when I wear it and I notice the band doesn't seem to have a lot of real give to it. If anything, if you are an in-between size or even close, I would go up a size.

It works!

Was a little skeptical at first and it took a long time to get my shirt and shorts but when I finally did I tried them out without much expectation. I was having some shoulder pain and the morning after it wasn't as pronounced. Didn't attribute it to the sleepwear but I wore them religiously for the next week and kept noticing my shoulder feeling better. I've strained the injury a few times since I've had the sleepwear and look forward to going to sleep so I can get the benefits of the Far Infrared! Thinking about wearing them all day too! My only issue is I'd like to order another set but they're not in stock in my size currently. Even the first set were delayed by months before I received them. These are great, UA just needs to get more stock!!!!

Buy the short sleeves

My first purchase of the sleepwear was a short sleeve shirt with long pants. I purchased a set of shorts with a Henley 3/4 sleeve top to compare. The 3/4 sleeve is "half pregnant". It rides up your arm at night if you move around at all. It can be annoying as it bunches during sleep. The shorts are terribly loose as well, so they bunch up too. The long sleep pants have a tight cuff at the bottom, which makes it stay at your ankles. Please make a true long sleeve shirt with a similar tighter cuff at the wrists, so they stay. Also, the shorts would be better off if they were tighter fitting as well. I recommend that everyone stick to the short sleeve shirt and the long pants. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]