Men‘s UA Spieth One Golf Shoes

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Product DNA

This shoe was designed to meet the exact needs of Jordan Spieth and deliver professional-level performance. Its evolutionary spike technology is built to rotate perfectly with your swing, and a waterproof, lightweight upper provides a zero-distraction fit and feel.
  • The first signature golf shoe from Under Armour & Major Champion Jordan Spieth
  • Lightweight, single-seam upper for incredible fit & comfort
  • 100% waterproof UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability
  • 2 Year Limited Waterproof Warranty
  • Removable EVA footbed delivers premium underfoot comfort
  • UA Rotational Resistance Spikes for lockdown traction & on-course flexibility
  • TPU outsole with lightweight EVA midsole for responsive cushioning with every step
  • Offset: 12 mm
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Imported

Review Summary

33 Reviews

Toes turning yellow

Bought these last year and have alternated them in and out with several other pairs of golf shoes. They've probably seen half a dozen rounds. Very comfortable, however the toe box on both shoes is turning yellow. I'm particular when it comes to shoes - all of my cleats get shoe trees and a wipe down after every use, regardless of how dirty they may or may not be. Certainly didn't expect this from this particular line, however after reading about others experiencing the same issue it sounds like I'm not alone.

Synthethic Leather Toe Area

I love these shoes, and have found them far more comfortable than any FJ shoe I've ever worn. However, the upper is not leather, but a synthetic leather-like material. In the toe area from the mid-left all the way around to the mid-right side of the front of the shoe, the upper has lost is pure white color and is turning a very pale yellow color. The rest of the shoe, on which I use the same highly recommended shoe cleaner foam, has had no color change at all. Just the front of the shoe. This has got to be some kind of manufacturing issue with the material being used. What can I do to return the this area of the shoe back to its pure white color to match the rest of the shoe? Is UnderArmour aware of this QA issue with the shoe material?

Could be better

I bought these shoes right at the first of the season. I really have enjoyed them all season. I play maybe 6 times a month. The last time I was tying my shoes the top lace hole ripped all the way up on the right shoe. It wasn't even tight when it broke. Looking at them closer there is no reenforcement for the top of the lacing like a grommet or something like it. I was hoping that they would last for more than one season. Oh and while I’m on the shoe subject. Someone please tell someone that can do something to stop making all the shoes (including Golf shoes) with white soles. They look bad after a week of regular wear. Guy’s that buy under amour don’t want to have to wash their shoes every time they wear them.

Performance & Comfort: Best of both worlds!

This is a high performance shoe with great stability. Although the effects may be less noticeable to higher handicap golfers, I imagine those looking to achieve or currently have lower handicaps will notice a significant difference, especially off the tee or when standing on uneven ground. After close to a dozen rounds, they are waterproof to morning dew however, I have yet to test them in rain. In the past I typically go with the most comfortable shoes I can find and I would suggest these are fairly similar to some of the most comfortable shoes I've had in the past. One of the issues I have is they scuff fairly easily. For example, accidentially brushing my shoes against the side of my bag caused them to scuff. Given my pair is white, this is more unfortunate. Finally, I find these shoes achieve an awesome classic golf look but have enough modern edge so they do not look like something my great grandfather would wear.

Greatest shoes ever !!

I just got these shoes and love them! Walked three rounds in them and my feet felt great. They are completely water proof and offer fantastic comfort and traction. The fit in the shoes was great also. My 7 year old son loves Jordan Spieth. We recently got to meet him and he could not have been nicer! He made my sons summer! Not only did he sign autographs, he took a picture with my son and signed and gave him his glove! He is a class act and since that meeting we purchased a ton of under amour golf apparel. As long as Jordan is with your company, so are we.

Great golf shoe but one issue....

I purchased the Spieth One shoe in the white/black. The shoe fits great, has plenty of ankle support and feels very stable on my foot, The style is great. The shoe has a sporty look to it and matches just about every golf shirt/short combo I put together (you at least need to look the part!). There is plenty of traction and I wore them in the rain for a round and my feet did not get wet. It is also a comfortable shoe if you like to walk, which I do from time to time. My one issue with the shoe is after about five rounds, the rotational resistance spike on the outside of the left shoe (I'm a right handed golfer) began to tear off of the body of the spike. It became a weird feel in the middle of the round because the shoe started to roll a bit without a solid grip. I replaced the spike with a regular spike and the issue was resolved. Judging by some other reviews, this seems to be an issue. I really can't tell if the rotation resistant spikes make a difference in traction or not.


I have to keep replacing the spike on the my left shoe. I have replaced that one cleat at least a dozen times and now I cant even make it off of the first tee box with out it falling off. I talked with another guy at the course yesterday and he has had the same shoes for two weeks now and has already lost three spikes

Great shoe

Absolutely love this shoe. Very comfortable, never have had problems with blisters. Keep you locked into the ground and are very stable. Look very sharp as well. Only complaint is I have had them for a little over a month and the leather on both toes is turning a light yellow color. I take good care of them and wipe them down a couple times a week. Disappointed they are doing this. But overall my favorite shoe I have tried.

Love these shoes

These shoes are great. I am using them to help with my plantar fasciitis. I needed to invest in some quality shoes for walking the course. They are comfortable and I am playing some of my best golf in them. Maybe it is the confidence boost from the great looks and spieth name? I will say they do help with my balance through the swing

The shoes are losing the color on the side

I like the shoes, but I've played six rounds in them and the black color is coming off in spots on the side.